Board Bags – Wheels or No Wheels?


To have wheels or not to have wheels, that is the question. With plenty of board bags around to choose from, the choice of which one to get ought to be easy. But of course it isn’t – this is a world where too much choice often makes it harder than it needs to be. Oh, how much easier it would be if someone just stood in front of us and said: “This one or that one? Which is it?”


Well we all have our preferences, don’t we? Just as some people hate wheeled suitcases, others wouldn’t be seen without them. If you have a wheeled board bag you do then have the option of using the wheels if you want to, rather than having to carry it everywhere with you. Sometimes wheels just don’t work, such as when you get to the resort and you’re faced with trudging through deep snow to get to your accommodation. But when you’re at the airport and you’re trudging down endless corridors to check in, those wheels might just come in handy.

edgeriders Wheelie gig bag 

It’s also worth thinking about what you have inside your bag and how heavy it’s going to be. If you’re a serious boarder and you’ve got three different boards in there you want to try out, plus assorted other items you might just need while you’re away, you’ll be glad of those wheels. They’ll take a lot of strain off your back. The last thing you want is to get to your resort and feel like you’ve already fallen over a few times on the slopes, thanks to the aching shoulder and back muscles you’ve attained on the way there.


Of course until you try the board bags for size you won’t know which ones you like the most anyway. But having the option to sling it over your shoulder, or to pull it behind you while walking along a flat surface, would seem to be a smart thing. Even the most hardened of wheelie haters would probably appreciate the choice when they get more things in their bag and the weight starts to go up.


Don’t choose on price either. Getting a cheap bag might save you some pennies but it could lead to more backache later on. Consider your options and then figure out whether you’re the type to love wheels or hate them.

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Board Bags - wheels or no wheels