PUSH Kiting school have released their latest video and here it is, these guys run kitesurfing lessons in essex from March - November. They also run Kite land boarding and kite buggy lessons 

This Is Frinton video in HIGH DEFINITION is viewable right now through the website where you can leave comments, and check out the whole media catalogue at your pleasure.

Edgeriders is hugely proud to sponsor PUSH Kiting school and heres some words from them about the video.

This is Friiinton!! A glimpse into our fun and games, We love big wind, big loops, big passes and most of all big time sillyness. We only have a small spot, we cant ride if theres picnic'ers or sun bathers, with one loop or big jump we can clear the entire location, only a few people can ride this spot at once, and it only works well in a few directions. But when it works, It works WELL! Big thanks to our sponsors Flexifoil Kite sportsMBS mountainboardEdgeriders sports store!