Three things that make Rome bindings BETTER.


FLEX-WITH-POWER (big type)





 Key Flex-With-Power Tech

Flex-With-Power is what snowboarding demands. It demands flexibility in some directions, and it demands power in other directions. We design our Snowboard binding components according to this principle to make your snowboarding feel better and respond quicker.


  • V-Rod Baseplates: SIDE-TO-SIDE FLEX; TOE-TO-HEEL POWER. V-Rod baseplates minimize the contact between your binding and your snowboard. But they do it with a purpose and not just randomly in all directions. It “rockers” on opposing corners to deliver the FLEX snowboarding demands, and it maintains contact with the narrow “rod” from toe to heel for seamless edge to edge POWER. The narrow footprint also maximizes the board’s natural flex pattern.

    • (copy for illustration)

      • 110mm wide rod of contact from your toe to heel edge

      • 6mm raised corners for a “rockered” baseplate

      • 4mm rise in the heel and 2mm rise in the toe for a “rockered” baseplate

  • UnderWrap Heel Hoop. PROPER BINDING FLEX; PROPER BINDING POWER. Our exclusive UnderWrap technology does something no other binding construction does—it cranks up toe-to-heel POWER, while maintaining torsionally FLEX for tweaking and flowing side-to-side. This is how snowboarding should feel. Three levels of coring for three levels of lightness.

    • (copy for images)

      • Light

      • Lighter

      • Lightest

  • AntiShock Highback. GOOD VIBRATIONS; POWER COMMUNICATION. Our highback incorporates shock absorber technology to kill vibration and add a little flex at turn initiation. Then, after a 3mm flex, it locks out for haulin’ ass, slashin’ waves power.

    • (copy for image) The middle connection point in the highback incorporates a bushing like a kingpin to dampen and then lock-out


Key Connected Comfort Tech

Connected Comfort is the combination of a seamless connection for precise response, and elevated comfort for more fun all day long. This guiding principle informs our ankle strap and toe strap design to give you a cleaner connection to your board, while improving comfort through designs that require less pressure.


  • ContourLight Ankle Strap: LIGHTER, MORE COMFORTABLE, TUNED FLEX. A minimalist design that pre-loads tension in the strap so you need less pressure to get secure heel hold. The result is more comfort for the same level of control. Different densities of EVA in different zones create flexibility where you want it, and power when you need it.


  • Contour Boss Ankle Strap. COMFORT AND RESPONSE. 3D contoured to seamlessly fit into your ankle for comfort. Temperature-resistant foams and gels for an all-weather consistent flex. Moderate flex profile for the ability to kill all types of snowboarding.


  • ConformGrip Toe Strap. FORM-FITTING GRIP AT LOW PRESSURE. Our over-molded design flexes effortlessly to conform to any boot on the market. High grip secures it in place and allows for more comfort through the need for less pressure.


Key Customization Tech

Customization is critical for letting riders adjust their connection to fit their individual style. This is a design principle that we back 100%, so we offer more customization than any brand out there. We make it OPTIONAL and EASY. Use it if you want; mount-and-shred if you don’t.


  • Yes, I Cant: ANATOMICALLY CORRECT POWER DISTRIBUTION. Our customized canting makes it so you can adjust how your bindings feel and how they interact with your board. It’s a system that lets YOU pick how your bindings feel underfoot. 0-degrees is always a choice, but you can opt into 2-degrees or 3.5-degrees for more knee alignment, and for more power distribution over your nose and tail. The choice is YOURS.

    • (copy for illustration)

      • 0-degrees for a traditional feel

      • 2-degrees for moderate stance widths and moderate nose and tail power

      • 3.5-degrees for wider stances and full power ideal for rocker boards

  • Cant-In-The-Back. ANATOMICALLY ALIGNED HEELSIDE RESPONSE. Our exclusive Cant-In-The-Back system for canting your highbacks side to side lets you line up the spine of your highback with the angle of your lower leg. Use the 3-degree option that comes out of the box for narrow stances, and flip to the 6-degree option for wider stances. We let you maintain response, regardless of the stance width that YOU decide.

    • (copy for images)

      • 3-degree option for narrower stances

      • 6-degree option for wider stances

  • Highback Rotation. PROPERLY LOCATED POWER. All our bindings feature highback rotation that you can choose to use if you want. Even on our entry-level models, rotation comes standard so riders can adjust the position of their highback to align with their heel edge. If you run steep angles, rotate more. If you run flat angles, rotate less. We let you maintain response, regardless of the stance angles YOU decide.

    • (copy for image)

      • 0-degrees

      • 24-degrees




Highback Technology






Strap Technology




  • ContourLight Ankle Strap

    • Pre-tensioned for low-pressure comfort; multi-density for a tuned flex profile

  • Contour Boss Ankle Strap

    • Advanced material for advanced comfort; medium-plus flex for responsive freestyle

  • Contour Ankle Strap

    • 3D design for a more comfortable fit; medium flex for a bit more tweakage

  • OpenFlex Ankle Strap

    • Cored-out construction for max freestyle fun; contoured for comfort

  • PF.1 Ankle Strap

    • Simple, solid heel hold; flexed for all-mountain response


  • ConformGrip Toe Strap

    • The straight-up best toe strap in snowboarding; perfect fit and grip for less pressure

  • OpenForm Toe Strap

    • Cored for lightness and conformability; material-wrapped for secure grip

  • ConFormist Toe Strap

    • Our original form-fitting strap is still better than “high-end” straps from other brands




Baseplate Technology Details




  • AutoStrap

    • Uniquely designed elastomer technology pulls your straps out of the way so you can beat skiers to favorite lines on a powder day.

  • SubBase V-Pad

    • Fills the contours of the “rockered” shape of our V-Rod baseplates to provide progressive flex and shock-absorption.

  • SubBase Pad

    • Every binding needs shock absorption to kill chatter and improve performance. Every Rome binding has a SubBase Pad to smooth out the ride.

  • SF Baseplate Construction

    • We create a flowing, powerful, bombproof performance profile through the addition of short fibers (SF) of glass to our nylon compound.

  • Polycarbonate Baseplate Construction

    • Lightweight and flexible, our polycarbonate bases provide a smooth interface between you and your board.




Optional Customization Package




  • Baseplate Canting

    • Our Yes, I Cant system delivers anatomically correct power distribution underfoot

  • Highback Canting

    • Our Cant-In-The-Back system delivers anatomically correct heelside response

  • Highback Rotation

    • Freedom of choice to align your highback with your heel edge is a fundamental snowboard right

  • Strap Positioning

    • Multiple ankle strap positions let you adjust the flex-response ratio; multiple toe strap positions

  • Forward Lean

    • Freedom of choice is critical in highback support; 0-degrees for rails, 24-degrees for power slashing




QuickTech Package




  • Quick Adjust Strap Adjustment

    • Don’t screw around with screws; adjust strap length effortlessly

  • Tool-Free Forward Lean

    • Flip, set to your preferred angle, snap shut, and shred.

  • Channel Adjust

    • Center your boot on your baseplate quickly by loosening screws and sliding into place; no screw removal

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