Have you got a garage full of used Kitesurf Equipment ? Fancy selling and replacing with the latest models? Of course we at Edgeriders would love to help!

trade and upgrade, benefits of trading in kite gear


One of our best services for local riders has been out trade in service, which we are now introducing nationwide. Trading in at Edgeriders allows you to buy your new kite immediately and we sort out getting rid of your old kit. Ok so you could go through ebay and do it yourself?


Great if you have loads of free time, loads of patience and can deal with items you know are good quality going for silly prices! Our advice (from experience!) is to forget about ebay with it's seemingly endless fees; feed back issues. Plus all of the time wasted with people offering much below what your kit is worth and then only to get a complaint about the most insignificant blemish/mark (honestly we talk from experience!).


For a while now we have been offering trade in deals and have found that people tend to be pretty happy with the price they get whilst at the same time doing away with all the wasted time and heartache of moving on your old kite-surfing equipment. This approach guarantees peace of mind in the knowledge that you will not have any comebacks and that you can get straight out on the water with your new kite. In most cases we have done our trade deals locally but we are now in a position to offer this service to the whole of the UK, Essentially it follows this three stage process:


  1. You send us some pictures and detailed description of your kite. Make sure you include any damage plus a short message detailing the kite type and size, what it comes with (bar, pump, ect) and any other information regarding its condition.

  2. Take a look at our website or come in store to select which kite you are looking to purchase.

  3. We will confirm the value of your kite and equipment. If you are happy to proceed this will be removed from your new purchase and you will no longer have to worry about the old equipment and have a great price on new equipment.

  4. Get out on the water with your new kit!



Finally, there is an additional upside to this process is that when you sell your kite it will be through a reputable dealer giving you the peace of mind that your second hand equipment will be checked and sold in the best possible condition..


And for any one looking at picking up some cheap kitesurfing gear here are a few kites and boards that have been traded in so far ......(click here)