Board : Salomon Sabotage 2015

Bindings : Salomon District 2015

Height : 5ft 11in

Weight : 86 kgs

Stance : Goofy

Resort : Avoriaz French Alps With mixed conditions from complete white out to Sun all day

My first impressions for this board initially had me worried that I had asnowboard beyond my ability. How wrong I was, straight of the bat I found the board gave me confidence due to its playful nature. When looking at the profile of the snowboard it is slightly cambered but once weighted becomes a flat using Salomon's Flat out Camber design.

Flat out Camber

  • Precision Park Performance Flat profile loaded with camber under the feet for maximum stability and response when you need it.


The flex was softer out on the tips and getting stiffer under the foot. The snowboard felt very forgiving when landing from sliders and kickers. Being a park board have the right amount of flex to reduce the impact of uneven landings I feel is key. Ollie's on this board felt crazy the pop generated was huge even at my level, It felt like this sort pop would have you boosting of kickers way above the height anticipated.


When running this board as all mountain it performed well, turns at speed felt comfortable and the snowboard was happing charging Reds and holding perfectly. I found on a couple occasions on the steeper stuff with Ice the board would begin to buck or wash out. Playing in powder with snowboard was super fun, it makes pressing effortless so playing in the deep stuff allowed me to just sit on tail and fly past my friends trying to dig themselves out (really funny to watch).


The district bindings suited the board perfectly, a soft and flexible binding is definitely needed with this style of board. The build quality was perfect with very ergonomic ratchets, had no problems fixing with my gloves on. Adjusting the bindings was great due to not needing a screwdriver all done with your fingers.   


All in all I found this snowboard perfect for my style of snowboarding, not super serious or focused towards to one particular discipline. Very very good in the park but also more than happy to charge slopes all day. Grippy enough and comfortable at speed but not to the point where I was constantly catching edges.


Big Thanks to Charlie from Edgeriders

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