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K2 Turbo Dream Wide 160 Mens Snowboard

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SKU: B10009-k2-10-160

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The All Conditions Stratosphere



K2 Turbo Dream Wide Mens Snowboard - Multiply ultimate response by freestyle perfection. Add in some neutrinos and solar flares. Shazaam. The Turbo Dreamappears from the mist infused with ALL TERRAIN ROCKER delivering a perfect balance of powder float and charging power. Cliff drops, park kickers, chop or pow, this board makes dreams a reality. “Is it a ghost?� you ask. Nay child, it the hand of destiny itself. - K2 Turbo Dream Wide Mens Snowboard



Season 2011
Brand K2 Snowboards
Snowboard Size Guide Sizing guides for snowboards
Snowboard Size 160
Ability Level Intermediate / Advanced



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