Wakeboard and Kite boots and bindings, whats new for 2016 - both for men and for women.. Want to find out all about the world of wakestyle and wakeboarding? Then look no further as this blog is for you and focuses on the core wakestyle boots and bindings offerings from Ronix and Hyperlite Wakeboarding as well as North Kiteboarding covering both wakeboarding and kite wakestyle...


Lets kick things of with Ronix. The Ronix Limelite is one of few high end boots for Women. This boot is built to last and will take a hammering from the most demanding female riders. The Built in J-bars give these bindings ultimate response and feedback for the rider. Flex wise you are looking at something between the Ronix Frank and the Ronix One boot.

These boots seem to be in short supply this year, so try get your hands on a pair sooner rather than later.

Next up we have Ronix "The One". This boot has been part of the collection for many years now and never disappoints, ridden by Annabel van Westerop and Annelous Lammerts; the boot has been built to last. The "One boot" sits at the top of the Ronix boot range and is popular with wakeboarders and kitesurfers alike. It is pretty responsive and gives great ankle support.
Next we move onto the "Parks Boot". This boot is ridden by Gisela Pulido and Greta Menardo. These boots are very flexible and have a lower cut to them, this makes them a great crossover for females and smaller folk. The Ronix parks is a great boot for the cable park.


Moving onto the Ronix Frank. The Franks boot is another very popular boot this season, is has similar characteristics to the Ronix Parks but has a higher cut, this makes it a great flexible boot for men. These boots have the brainframe baseless construction which you can find in some of the other models in the Ronix range, this has the benefit of returning real positive feedback to the rider.


The Kenetic, this boot has a flexible inner liner whilst the outer is more rigid, this makes it more suitable as a crossover binding for boat and cable. The makeup of this binding enables great support and response, at the same time the flexible liner allows for the ability to style out those moves. This binding is a must try...



Next in the line is the Ronix Cocktail boot, this is a great affordable closed toe option; coming in at £279 it is sure not to cripple your wallet. This boot has a lower cut so so its a great allround boot that can be used by boys and girls alike.


Next is the Ronix Code Boot, this boot is one of the stiffest boots on the market, probably too stiff for even the most aggressive kitesurfer. This is a boot for someone demanding ultimate response and feedback from the boot and best for a pure wakeboarding focus. It sits at the top end of the price range, this boot would also suit heavier riders who need a boot to last.


Finally for Ronix we have the Preston Boot. This boot has been a great seller for EdgeRiders over the last few years. Basically what you are getting with the Preston is a down spec version of the Ronix One boot, so if you want to get a feel for a decent closed toe boot this would be a great place to start without it costing an arm and a leg.



The North Boot, this was originally called the Frank boot but it now has its own identity as the "North Boot" with is new name comes a completely new redesign to reduce weight and ease of entry this boot is riden by the likes of Aaron Hadlow and Craig Cunningham. This boot is focussed on the wakestyle kite market and with Aaron being one of the top of the world and current King of the Air champ for the last 2 years in a row you can be sure that they are built to take a hammering. The North boot has a mid flex feel and the high cuff offers plenty of support, pair it with the North Vegas kite and Team Series Hadlow Edition Kiteboard and you have the perfect wakestyle kite package.




Hyperlite offer something unique for kitesurfers and wakeboarders alike with the Hyperlite System boots and binding combo. At first glance you can draw a lot of comparisons with a traditional Snowboard setup; whereby you can choose the type of binding you want and then choose the type of boot you want, this gives you the ability to finely tune your setup to your desired specifications.

The Hyperlite binding chassis is permanently attached to the board, you leave your boots on and then simply strap in. This is great for use on the cable as if you fall away from the dock, you will be able to walk back to the cable start with your boots on. This is also a popular system for kitesurfers as it offers easy entry when having to manage a fully powered up kite that is needed to get the most out of the aggressive wakestyle action.


Below are this seasons Colour options, the Hyperlite binding comes in both the Pro and the lowback models, the lowback will offer a more flexible surf feel whilst the highback will offer a more direct and responsive feel.

Pro and Low-Back Bindings 2016


Hyperlite currently only offer one women's specific boot,which is the hyperlite Brighton boot. If you want a pair its best to order early season as these tend to sell out super quick.


Mens wake boots from Hyperlite

Hyperlite 2016 Boots
First the Kruz:
This boot has the highest cuff in the range and it is also a very stiff boot, this one is aimed at the more advanced and aggressive riders.
Next the AJ Boot :
The AJ offers a fully lasted fit for unmatched comfort and support, midrange cuff height & ankle flexion. Progressive Wakeboarding Footwear, Lighter- Stronger- Better. Jimmy LaRiche spent a lot of time thinking about how to create the perfect boot for his style.
The Webb Boot:
This boot was one of the first system boots to be designed with maximum flexion, lowest cuff height and was built around the Hyperlite Custom Last technology. Progressive Wakeboarding Footwear, Lighter- Stronger- Better. JD Webb's pro model boot was designed to perfectly complement his freeride style.
Finely the Nick Davies signature boot; the Hyperlite Process boot. Mr. Davies was looking for some added support so the Process boot utilizes a taller, more supportive cuff and removable power strap to accomplish this. Solid heel hold was also an important part of the design, and the 2 to 1 lacing zone allows for added retention as the laces are tightened, pulling a rider's heel snugger into place.
Remember all Hyperlite system boots will only work with a Hyperlite system chassis/ binding.
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