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Kite / Kiteboarding: South Kiosk at Martello Park, Felixstowe, Suffolk

South Kiosk at Martello Park, Felixstowe, Suffolk

One FREE Refill of our finest ground Coffee to all his followers. You would have to buy one coffee and a piece of our scrummy home made delicious delights, but were sure you wont mind!

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Kite / Kiteboarding: Essential Kitesurfing Kit List for beginners

Essential Kitesurfing Kit List for beginners

So you have done your lessons? Now all you need to is get your equipment  and start practising. But what do you need? Your instructor should have gone through the key requirements; however time may have passed and you could be unsure of what you actually need. An we all know buying the equipment and starting to use it is where the fun really starts! 

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Kite / Kiteboarding: Latest Kitesurf Deals 2014

Latest Kitesurf Deals 2014

Welcome to our latest lest of kite deals, Some of them may not look pretty but all of our used kites and ex-demo kites and used kiteboards have been checked to make sure the are functioning as they should and are fit for purpose. But most of all that they are safe. We have tried to take pictures of any areas of wear but if you require further info or pictures please send us an email to and we will endeavor to answer your question in text of by photo where required. 

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Kite / Kiteboarding: One hour free Introduction to Kitesurfing

Edgeriders Latest offer One hour free Introduction to Kitesurfing!

Get a free 1 hour Introduction to your kite and local beach This is an offer for anyone local to Edgeriders.

We are now offering a free introduction to your new kite and advice on the local beach when you spend £1050 or more on your first kitesurf set up.

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